About Us

Mission of the Movement

The African in America as a fashion statement is a reminder and a call to action. There are black people who, living in America, have forgot their ancestry and that the storied history of Africa even exists. We believe that we need to recognize, remember, and represent where we came from and where we are at now. We come from humble beginnings, but we want to remind every black person whether in the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Haiti, or wherever of their origins rooted in Africa and to cherish their roots.

Central to our design choices is the lion, a symbol of kingship that reminds us of the king on the savannahs in Africa. We proudly display this symbol and celebrate for our interconnected history to bring the black community together. We can’t combat racism if we have in-fighting between our own and we can’t redeem our highest aspirations by putting each other down and competing vainly against each other.

Lets count each other a part of this movement and know that we stand as brothers and sisters in cooperation, not competition. We are the Africans in America.

Meet the Man on the Mission

My name is Nini Mohamed. I migrated to the United States from Somalia in hopes of having a peaceful life and seeking a good education and employment. Upon arriving to the United States, I noticed a divide between “blacks” or African Americans and African immigrants. I realized that with my outgoing personality and my voice in my community; I could potential bridge this divide. I came to a conclusion after working so hard for many years in my community and running a business that I needed to resolve these issues between African and African Americans – we are all one people. This drive and passion has inspired me to design this campaign of The African in America.